Cleaning Hardware

By: Barna Kasa Published on: Sunday, 3/1/2015

Cleaning metal hardware is very simple. All you need is an old pan you can boil the hardware in and a sink or another pan with cold water. Using steel wool or a wire brush might help with final cleaning. 

Just place the paint covered hardware into the pan with boiling water and let it boil for 30 minutes. Take out the hardware with tongs or pliers and put it in the sink or pan with cold water and you can remove the paint easily. If the paint does not come off easiely or only one layer of paint is removed you can remove as much as you can and put the hardware back in the boiling water.

Use a wire brush or a sharp tool to clean off all the paint. You can use fine (0000) steel wool for final polishing.





BEFORE                                                             AFTER




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