1900s Boxcar

By: Barna Published on: Monday, 2/2/2015

We got another salvage job of a pre-1900 boxcar that has been used as a house and storage in the past in Pueblo, CO. The owner just wanted the boxcar removed from the property. He was working on cleaning the 100 years of stuff from the farm he just bought. The boxcar was off its wheels, and had a layer of plaster on the outside and a newer roof.




We started by removing part of the plaster and siding so we can see what we had to work with. After removing some of the exterior and interior we  found cool hardware, one original siding door and a door that was added using the priginal sliding door hardware.

Since we pretty quickly got into structural support brackets and bolts that ran across the structure we had to get the roof off to reduce weight so it would not collapse. The roof eneded up having 10 layers of material, everything from tar to plywood to multiple layers of shingles.



We made it down to the floors.




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